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Articles and Papers

A Taxonomy Primer
by Amy J. Warner (2002)
Subject: Classification, Controlled Vocabularies, Thesauri
Language: English
Abstract: An introductory article discussing when and how to use controlled vocabularies in the development of information architectures.

Bottoms Up: Designing Complex, Adaptive Systems
by Peter Morville (2002)
Subject: Controlled Vocabularies, Faceted Classification
Language: English
Abstract: Explores how the reductionism trend makes for in-cohesive sites. Discusses the use of a bottom-up rather than a top-down approach to information architecture design to make your Web site whole.

Faceted classification for community services using CRG standard categories PDF Document
by Claudio Gnoli, Maria Elisabetta Lai, Luca Rosati (7/6/2005)
Subject: Case Studies, Controlled Vocabularies, Experience Design, Faceted Classification, Findability, Information Architecture - Theory
Language: English
Abstract: Faceted classification is increasingly considered as a tool in non-traditional knowledge organization contexts, such as knowledge management and information architecture. These new applications, however, are rarely based on the full theory of facet analysis as developed by Ranganathan and the CRG (Classification Research Group). In this paper we report the creation of a faceted scheme to organize Web resources concerning regional community services, including remote management of cases (e- government).

Facets & Controlled Vocabularies
by Karl Fast, Fred Leise, Mike Steckel (2002)
Subject: Controlled Vocabularies, Faceted Classification
Language: English
Abstract: The authors present a comprehensive overview of faceted classifications and controlled vocabularies.

Mind your phraseology!: Using controlled vocabularies to improve findability
by Christina Wodtke (8/13/2002)
Subject: Controlled Vocabularies
Language: English
Abstract: Describes what a controlled vocabulary is at its most general, and describes different types of vocabularies. Illustrates how controlled vocabularies and metadata are related. Includes many examples from the web.

Blogs, Columns and Journals

by Kimio Hayashi (2004)
Subject: Controlled Vocabularies, Information Organization, Metadata
Language: Japanese
Abstract: フランスで言語学博士課程の林公生がテクニカルコミュニケーションの視点から「フランス」と「情報を伝えるための方法論」を身近な口調で紹介するコラム。

Web Sites and Resources

Controlled Vocabularies Resource Guide
by Michael Middleton
Subject: Controlled Vocabularies, Guides & Collections
Language: English
Abstract: Provides links to examples of thesauri and to classification schemes that may be used for controlling database or web site subject content. It also provides links to descriptive and critical material about such metainformation.

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