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An Interview with Peter Morville and Lou Rosenfeld, Information Architects
by Meryl K. Evans (2002)
Subject: Expert Opinions, Information Architecture - General, Process & Techniques
Language: English
Abstract: An interview with Peter Morville and Lou Rosenfeld covering the topic of what the information architecture is, how information architecture relates to usability, and the challenges faced when constructing a successful information architecture.

Evaluating Information Architecture
by Steve Toub (2000)
Subject: Expert Opinions, Guidelines & Best Practices, Process & Techniques
Language: English
Abstract: This white paper explores the why's, what's, and how's of evaluating a web site's information architecture. It aims to raise consciousness about the evaluation of IA and to provide: 1) Web site owners and other decision-makers with an understanding of evaluation issues; and 2) Information architects with a synthesis of evaluation techniques.

Information Architecture Meets Usability
by Bruce Stewart (2003)
Subject: Expert Opinions, Information Architecture - General, User Centered Design
Language: English
Abstract: An O'Reilly interview with Lou Rosenfeld and Steve Krug about their jointly held seminars and the common pitfalls of web usability and information architecture.

Redesign Democracy: Dare to Think Big
by Dirk Knemeyer (9/23/2014)
Subject: Experience Design, Expert Opinions
Language: English
Abstract: Knemeyer argues that UX professionals are uniquely able to provide the critical solutions to move humanity forward, solutions that synthesize technology with a concern for and understanding of the human condition.
Note: Knemeyer, D. (September 23, 2014). Redesign Democracy: Dare to Think Big. Retrieved on January 24, 2014 from think-big/

SEO Smackdown: Information Architecture vs. Technical Architecture
by Shari Thurow (9/2/2011)
Subject: Expert Opinions, Findability, Searching
Language: English
Abstract: Shari Thurow discussses the relative importance of information architecture in designing SEO solutions for websites.

User Experience Deliverables
by Peter Morville (1/27/2009)
Subject: Expert Opinions, Information Architecture - Practices, Interaction Design
Language: English
Abstract: This article describes twenty user experience deliverables with links to relevant resources and examples. Clearly, these artifacts of the process are not the whole story. We must also think about the relationship between goals, methods, and documents. And yet, for many of us, deliverables are the coin of the realm and merit special attention.

What's in a Name? (2001)
Subject: Expert Opinions, Information Architecture - General, Information Design
Language: English
Abstract: Are there two information architectures? One influenced by presentation and one influenced by structure? Is the presentation-based IA better served by the name "information design?" Does the medium really matter? Is print IA/ID different from web-based IA/ID in meaningful ways? For its April 2001 issue, Design Matters contacted several people and asked them to respond to these questions informally.
Note: From the Society for Technical Communication.

Blogs, Columns and Journals

by Tetsuya Tarumoto (2004)
Subject: Expert Opinions, Interface Design, User Centered Design
Language: Japanese
Abstract: 樽本徹也(イード)によるユーザー中心設計、ユーザービリティ、ユーザーインターフェース設計にまつわるユーザビリティエンジニアの専門的視点からの考察コラム。

A List Apart
Subject: Expert Opinions, Standards & Guidelines, Web Development
Language: English
Abstract: A List Apart Magazine (ISSN: 1534-0295) explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.

UX Matters
Subject: Experience Design, Expert Opinions, User Centered Design
Language: English
Abstract: Insights and inspiration for the user experience community from experts in user experience (UX) strategy or management, any aspect of UX design—including interaction design, industrial design, information architecture, information design, or visual design—any type of user research—from generative field research to usability—or user assistance

Web Sites and Resources
by Jakob Nielsen
Subject: Expert Opinions, Guides & Collections, User Centered Design
Language: English
Abstract: Jakob Nielson’s Web site contains all of his Alertbox columns on Web usability as well as usability news and links to resources.

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