2014 Annual Report & 2015 Vision

A letter from the IA Institute President, Abby Covert

If you are reading this message, it means that you are interested in continually learning about information architecture. So first, hi. You are my kind of people. My name is Abby Covert. I am a practicing information architect and IA teacher in New York City. I have also been the president of the IA Institute since the IA Summit in March 2014.

It has been a crazy whirlwind adventure marked by some amazing accomplishments. All of which have been documented in our 2014 annual report which is now available for download.

Instead of using my time with you to share what we accomplished in 2014, I want to instead spend the next few moments sharing with you my vision for this organization in 2015.

Empower more local leaders: In a few days time, 38 local IAI teams will be offering free education in 12 languages to 4000+ attendees worldwide. Building on a successful World IA Day 2015 I see us recruiting even more global locations to run free events fueled entirely by the generosity of the global and local IA communities. Maybe we will recruit someone in your hometown? Maybe it will be you! We will start recruiting 2016 cities soon so be on the lookout for that in your inbox. Invest in infrastructure improvement: We don’t have the heart or want to throw out the amazing content that we have after a decade and thousands of contributors, but we also know that some major renovations are needed to our infrastructure in order to support our growth, our change in business model and our ability to offer services and content worthy of your membership support. We will be spending the majority of our resources in 2015 on the replatforming of our technology. This is also outlined in the annual report. We will ask for your time, more than your money: Money could fix parts of this problem, sure. And if you have no time to give us this year and a chunk of change burning a hole in your pocket, we will take and use your money with gratitude. But what we really need in 2015 is your time, your skills and your smarts. Later this month we will be sending a special edition of our newsletter focused on the variety of volunteer opportunities we have available in 2015. The annual report also has a run down of the management structure we are hoping for.

We are excited to share our accomplishments as they happen and potentially meeting you at our annual meeting which will be held on Sunday April 26th, 2015 from 12-1 PM at the IA Summit in Minneapolis, MN.

My inbox is always open if you have questions or concerns: president@IAInstitute.org

Thank you for your time and your support,
Abby Covert
President IA Institute

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