Explain IA Winners Announced

On January 1st, we announced the Explain IA contest. In this contest, participants were invited to explain information architecture. What is it? Why is it important? What does it mean to you? Voting by members of the IA Institute resulted inthe following standouts.

The winner of the grand prize of $1,000 (co-sponsored by Endeca and the IA Institute) is:

A Dinosaur Family Explains Information Architecture
by Nate Bolt and Kate Nartker of Bolt | Peters, San Francisco, CA, USA

The winner of the best video award of $500 (sponsored by nForm) is:

IAs are Like Robin Hood
by Matthew Hodgson of SMS Management & Technology, Canberra, Australia

The two winners (tie vote) of the best diagram award of $250 each (sponsored by Semantic Studios) are:

Information Architecture Connects People to Content
by Murray Thompson, Grande Prairie, Canada

My Son's Take on Explain IA
by Scott Baldwin of Critical Mass, Calgary, Canada

Congratulations to the winners! And, thanks to our sponsors and participants for making this game such a success! I hope you've enjoyed the experience as much as I have, and I trust that our new and colorful collection...


In addition, raffle items were awarded to the following participants:

Richard Ingram (United Kingdom) and Victor Lidoy (Spain) each received copies of Modular Web Design and Communicating Design (the second edition, as soon as it's available), autographed and personalized by Nathan Curtis and Dan Brown of EightShapes. See their entries at:

Richard: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7819129@N07/4273558989/in/pool-explainia
Victor: http://www.flickr.com/photos/46561445@N07/4273814535/in/pool-explainia

Szymon Błaszczyk (Poland) received a complete set of (6) user experience books in paperback and digital editions from Rosenfeld Media. See Szymon's entry at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/szymonblaszczyk/4286479804/in/pool-explainia.

Murray Thompson (Canada), an Explain IA best diagram prize winner, also won the raffle for a conference registration for the Information Architecture Summit in Phoenix, Arizona sponsored by ASIS&T.

Martin Belam (United Kingdom) won two virtual seminars from User Interface Engineering. He can pick from dozens of topics including information architecture, search, usability, and interaction design. There are over 35 recorded seminars to choose from. Or attend an upcoming UIE virtual seminar. Whichever two he selects, he'll have lifetime access to the seminars.

In addition, twenty entrants won a free copy of Peter Morville's Search Patterns, sponsored by O'Reilly Media.

Please join us in thanking Peter Morville for conceiving and coordinating the contest and our generous sponsors, including the IA Institute, Endeca, nForm, Semantic Studios, User Interface Engineering, ASIS&T, Rosenfeld Media, EightShapes, and O'Reilly Media for making this possible.

...will continue to help people who find themselves needing to Explain IA. Cheers!

Peter Morville
(on behalf of the IA Institute)

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