IAI Salary Survey

When I was researching information architecture as a career one of the first resources I found and consulted was the IA Institute's Salary Survey. At the time, I dug through several reports to get a sense of where the profession was going and what kind of people were involved in itÑand how I compared. Needless to say, what I learned bolstered my resolve to gain the skills and pursue the field.

When I got involved with the IA Institute I learned that the salary survey is the most-viewed resource on its extensive website. And when I volunteered to work on the survey, I also learned what a challenge it is to conduct and analyze. But it's important, as it's the only annual barometer of the field. The institute's ongoing commitment to the survey is really a generous gift to the community.

We made some changes this year in the survey and the analysis. Hopefully the revisions improved the participant's experience and the results will be of value. Who knows, maybe they'll even inspire a few more people to join us in making the unclear, clear. Let us know what you think. @iainstitute

Download the 2014 Salary Survey here.

-Sean Fitzell

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