About the Information Architecture Institute

The Information Architecture Institute has been a nonprofit (501c6) organization of volunteers for 17 years. In September 2019, our board of directors voted unanimously to dissolve the IA Institute as a legal business entity. Although we are no longer a professional board of trade, our singular focus has not changed. Our mission to make the world's information clearer and easier to use by improving how people learn, practice and teach information architecture (IA) is still alive and well. We are working to evolve our website over the next year to provide content that supports this mission.

Our History

In 2002, our founders established an organization dedicated to the advancement of the field of information architecture.

Our Board

The IA Institute is managed entirely by a team of hard-working volunteers. Our board of directors is at the heart of the organization.

Our Work

Our programs and initiatives, all launched by members of our community, serve the needs of those learning, teaching, and practicing IA.