Current IA institute Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is the heart of our organization.

We are a working board, each filling an important role within our volunteer organization. Elections for new board members are held each December. Read more about our roles and responsibilities

Dan Klyn


Dan Klyn is an information architect from Michigan, USA, whose focus in teaching and in practice has been to apply lessons from close study of architects and architecture in the built environment to the architecture and design of places made of information.  He’s co-founder of an information architecture consulting company called The Understanding Group (TUG), likes coffee an awful lot, and tracks his own professional development along the Jorge Arango scale of marker-nib thickness (thicker = better).

Amy Espinosa

Director of Operations (Treasurer)
Amy Espinosa

Amy Espinosa is an Information Architect based in Tampa, Florida. She served as the Global Executive Producer for World IA Day 2017 and has a passion for growing IA awareness in her community.

Dots & Cubes is her consulting practice which focuses on information architecture in urban environments. She is particularly interested in cultural and historical preservation as well as transportation planning and community gardening.

Lara Fedoroff

Director of Communications (Secretary)

Lara is the UX Design Lead at eHarmony. Previously, she lead the UX team at Rubin, Postaer and Associates (RPA) after runing her own UX design consulting company directing digital projects while also delivering meaningful solutions to a variety of industry clients. Her passion is strategically solving problems by creating a clear information architecture and designing UX solutions that balance user needs and business goals.

She is the host of UX-radio, a podcast about IA, UX, and Design and the purpose of this show is to educate, inspire and share resources.

Lara is active in the Southern California User Experience community and has also taught user research courses at NYFA for the game design department.

Samantha Raddatz

Director of Events & Programming

Samantha Raddatz is an independent information architect based in New York City. She has a Master’s in Information & Library Science with a concentration in User Experience and a diverse background in sociology, stage management, and client management. Samantha specializes in information architecture for non-profits and cultural institutions. Past clients include City University of New York, NYU Libraries, Carnegie Hall, New York Committee of Occupational Safety, and the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative. Learn more about Samantha and see samples of her work at

Rachael Hines

Director of Strategic Projects

Rachael is a Lead Interaction Designer at GoPro, based in San Mateo, CA. At GoPro, she provides UX leadership for on camera and device experiences. At GoPro she has worked on the GoPro Hero cameras and other exciting devices for the past 3 years. As a Lead, Rachael works closely with many cross-functional teams and has a passion for creating a compelling end-to-end customer experience. When she is not crafting device and application interactions she is out climbing mountains, skiing, adventuring or curled up with a good book.

Rachael has been a member of the IAI for 5 years and is actively pursuing her master's degree in Human Computer Interaction.

Krispian Emert

Director of Education
Krispian Emert

Krispian has over 10 years’ experience, working at all stages of the User Experience process—from strategy and conception through production and implementation. She has worked at award-winning agencies and for some of the world’s top brands, including Microsoft, Thompson Reuters, ING, and Toyota. Keen to improve the discipline of User Experience, Krispian is the Information Architecture Instructor at VFS and speaks about UX Strategy at conferences, universities, and within Vancouver’s UX community.

Judy Siegel

Director of Development

Judy is a Senior User Experience at CNN Digital, based out of CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, GA. At CNN, she provides UX support for Product Design and News Design updates, site redesigns and mobile app updates as well as new product launches and UX support for interactives and long-form custom multimedia stories, respectively.

Judy is relatively new to IAI, but is an active volunteer with IXDA and the Society for News Design. This year she presented her work at CNN at IXDA in Toronto. She also was asked to contribute and participate in UX 4 Good this year (, an invite-only 4-day workshop for UX designers where a particular social problem is tackled via UCD principles and design solutions proposed.

Previous jobs include fellowships at the DNC (where she designed the first mobile canvassing app and, a resource and social networking site for government employees and stints at Fiserv, VMware and the CDC.

In past professional lives, she worked in non-profits as a grant writer and researcher and on political campaigns as an organizer.