Our Founders

The Information Architecture Institute was founded by a dedicated, multi-national team of professionals who volunteered their time and resources to make this organization a reality.

Board of Directors (2002-2003)

Christina Wodtke, President 
Lou Rosenfeld, Treasurer 
Victor Lombardi, Secretary 
Peter Morville, Director
John Zapolski, Director

Advisory Board (2002-2003)

An informal group of colleagues became the Leadership Council which subsequently became the Board of Advisors. During the first year, some people left and others joined. All are included in our permanent list of founders.

  • Michael Angeles 
  • Samantha Bailey 
  • Dan Brown 
  • Madonnalisa Gonzales-Chan
  • Bev Corwin
  • Dr. Andrew Dillon 
  • Karl Fast 
  • Jesse James Garrett 
  • Margaret Hanley
  • Andrew Hinton 
  • Keith Instone 
  • Livia Labate
  • Gunnar Langemark
  • Jeff Lash 
  • Erin Malone 
  • Jess McMullin 
  • Marcia Morante
  • Eric Scheid 
  • Rashmi Sinha 
  • Peter Van Dijck
  • Thomas Vander Wal 
  • Javier Velasco
  • Todd Wilkens
  • Shane Winegard