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By joining the Information Architecture Institute, you’ll become part of a global community dedicated to making the world a clearer place, and your support will help us continue our work. The IAI is staffed entirely by volunteers; our expenses are paid exclusively by the financial donations of our members. For this reason, membership donations are non-refundable.

"Information architecture is for everyone, and everyone is an information architect, but the future of our community and practice will be shaped by those few who carry the torch we call the Information Architecture Institute."
- Peter Morville, IAI Founder

Your annual donation to the IA Institute will:

  • Keep the world’s only information architecture-specific library of resources free and accessible to all
  • Allow us to offer newcomers and students free and low-cost access to the IA community and its resources
  • Help fund World IA Day events so that more people all over the world know about information architecture


We are temporarily halting membership applications until September 18, 2019. 

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