Dec 23 2015

We are pleased to welcome the following people to the IA Institute Board of Directors.

President: Dan Klyn

Treasurer: Natasha Kendall

Development Director: Judy Siegel

Programming and Events Director: Samantha Raddatz

Strategic Planning and Projects...

Nov 5 2015

We hope you will join us for our exciting Board of Directors goal for 2016-2018. Board Elections

To kick things off, we are pleased to announce elections for seven board positions. Details on IAI Director positions.

President Treasurer Development Director Community Director...
Jun 22 2015

When I was researching information architecture as a career one of the first resources I found and consulted was the IA Institute's Salary Survey. At the time, I dug through several reports to get a sense of where the profession was going and what kind of people were involved in it and how I...

May 26 2015
A Conference Report of the 2015 IA Summit by Elizabeth McDonald

The sixteenth annual IA Summit was held from April 22-26, 2015 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I attended the summit through the generous support of the IA Institute and Pratt Institute's UX/IA student group. In my scholarship...

Mar 16 2015

We are more than thrilled to introduce you to three candidates for the 2015-17 Information Architecture Institute Board of Directors.

Director of Operations (Acting Treasurer) Samuel Bowles

Director of Communications (Acting Secretary) Lara Fedoroff

Director of Education...

Mar 13 2015

It's been just a few weeks since we came together in 38 cities throughout the world on World Information Architecture Day to celebrate, learn and share ideas about “Architecting Happiness" in 2015. That one amazing day day is the culmination of almost a year of preparation by dozens of...

Feb 20 2015

World IA Day will generate 300+ hours of content reaching 4000+ people this Saturday, February 21st.

Many of you will be making your way to a location near you to attend, speak or volunteer. But even if you are staying home this Saturday, we want you to be in the know as this global...

Feb 13 2015

A letter from the IA Institute President, Abby Covert

If you are reading this message, it means that you are interested in continually learning about information architecture. So first, hi. You are my kind of people. My name is Abby Covert. I am a practicing information architect and IA...

Feb 9 2015

2014 was a notable year at the Information Architecture Institute. We grew membership by 25% and had 38 local teams step up to run World IA Day. There's so much great news about what we've done and where we're going in the IA Institute 2014 Annual Report coming out this Friday 2/13.


Jan 18 2015

World Information Architecture Day is Saturday February 21! Where will you be?

We are proud to have 38 cities participating in World IA Day in 2015. Bringing together people across 24 countries, speaking 12 languages.

All of the event production and programs have been organized...