AIfIA Sponsors First Scandinavian Conference on Information Architecture

November 24, 2003 -- AIfIA will be an official sponsor of the Danish Research Library Association's Forum for Information Architecture (DF-IA) conference. The conference will be held March 9th - 10th, 2004 in Korsoer, Denmark. While it will be the first information architecture (IA) conference held in Scandinavia, DF-IA is drawing international participation.

Peter Morville, AIfIA President and co-author of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, will be the keynote speaker. Other speakers include Alan Gilchrist, who will be making "The case for taxonomies in IA". Case studies will also be presented, including the BBC's work in IA, and the application of search technology in a large Danish media company. The conference also includes presentations of selected IA methods including contextual design and the use of scenarios.

AIfIA is providing in-kind promotional and logistical support for this conference under its new Event Sponsorship Program. In return, AIfIA members receive a discount on registration fees.

"The Event Sponsorship Program's main goal is promoting IA globally," says AIfIA treasurer Louis Rosenfeld, "and when we were approached by the DF-IA organizers, the timing - not to mention the location and program - couldn't have been better."

Korsoer is about an hour from the Danish capital Copenhagen.

Questions about registration or the conference in general should be directed to the conference organisers at:

Additional Information on the DF-IA Conference(in Danish)

Registration Fees

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Full Conference

Early-bird registration for the entire conference (by December 15, 2003)

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Danish Kroner

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AIfIA members

3000 DKK

$US 473


3300 DKK

$US 521

Regular registration for the entire conference (after December 15, 2003):


Danish Kroner

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AIfIA members

3500 DKK

$US 552


3800 DKK

$US 600

First day only

Early-bird registration for first day only (by December 15, 2003):


Danish Kroner

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AIfIA members

2000 DKK

$US 316


2300 DKK

$US 363

Regular registration for first day only (after December 15, 2003):


Danish Kroner

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AIfIA members

2250 DKK

$US 355


2400 DKK

$US 379

Register at: (the site is in Danish)

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