Apply for the Global World IA Day Director Position

The Information Architecture Institute is seeking a new Global Director for World IA Day in February 2013 and we look forward to hearing from those interested in taking on this volunteer position!

Requirements of this position:

  • Humility and focus on the IA Community
  • Commitment to an unpaid, volunteer position
  • Estimated 6 month schedule, at about 10 hours / week.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Create and maintain project schedule for all cities working backwards from the official day.
  • Facilitate global communication with all cities to ensure local coordinators understand the project schedule.
  • Define a unified form and process for the team.
  • Communicate with the IAI Board around decisions for thematic approach, financial information, leveraging existing networks.
  • Delegate responsibilities to others such as the Thematic Chair and Website Editors about web management, budget, sponsorship, managing volunteers, and social media communication.
  • Create and publish content from the WIAD website, including PR responsibilities to ensure people are aware of the event on a local level.
  • Coordinate global swag from the sponsors and other materials.

If you are interested in applying for the WIAD Global Director position, please send an email to either the general mailbox for World IA Day at or to Noreen Whysel at
We are also accepting proposals for local coordinator positions. Local coordinators are responsible for finding a host site, inviting/coordinating speakers and securing local sponsorships for onsite activities. If you are interested in hosting an official World IA Day event, contact us at

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