Event: User Interfaces for Physical Spaces

An exclusive one-day workshop for information architects
Where: The offices of MAYA Design, with field trips to the Carnegie Library Branches, Pittsburgh, PA
When: Monday, December 12

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Complex information environments aren't always online. Libraries are the original information-rich public domains. So when one of the world's first public libraries called in building architects to renovate their historic facilities, they also called in information architects from MAYA Design to renovate their information space.

By working with the Carnegie Library to understand how digital, physical, and human aspects of the library converge, MAYA developed an information architecture that gives the library a framework not only for a single renovated space, but also for system-wide organizational change and ongoing evolution.

The solutions developed to reduce environmental complexity and put people (rather than the system) at the center of a 360-degree, seamless experience with information.

This workshop offers information architects and designers a valuable model to consider when faced with the increasingly porous boundaries between digital and physical domains.

Read about and register for User Interfaces for Physical Spaces

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