Have you heard? We're Rebuilding IAI!

Our site's a mess. Take a look around. It's scary.

But, we have a plan!

We have this crazy idea. The audacious goal of having all of our technology on one platform. Everything talking to everything else. Websites and applications living together. We want to create a community of volunteers to build it, own it and fix it if it breaks. And we want it to be a mechanism for teaching and learning. Did I say it was audacious?

We think we can do it, and here's why: it's already been done. The Drupal Association provides an excellent model of a community committed to the creation and growth of a product as well as the education and growth of its membership.

They are open, transparent and volunteer-based. They have a huge membership. We think we can leverage their product and find inspiration in their success as an organization.

Here's what we're thinking:

  • Build on Drupal - there are modules for most everything we need to do, like providing a library of IA resources (and translations and WIAD talks!), pairing mentors with learners, supporting local groups and even fielding the Salary Survey.
  • Use a spiral SDLC - plan the big picture, the content and digital strategy, the iterations and the modules at a high level.
  • Create a repeatable process for migrating content and functionality from the current site and applications to the new platform one section at a time. For each section, we'll make a detailed set of requirements, wireframes, etc., build it, review and learn from each repetition.
  • We'll post all documents, discussions, and reviews on GitHub for public viewing and comment. This will be a learning project for everyone involved.
  • We'll welcome contributions from the entire community, Prague to Pune to Portland. Whether you can commit for the full project, a few iterations, or just a quick comment on wireframes, we encourage your participation.

We hope you'll be interested in our digital barn-raising experiment because we can't do it without you. You have skills? We have a need. You want to learn something new? We have mentors. IAI has been the home of the IA community for many years, providing resources, education, collaboration, and we're ready to step up our game.

Are you in? Awesome! Volunteer!

Recent News

Sep 17 2019

Sent via email to all active members (and those 30 days past due).

As promised, we are writing today to announce our decision about the future of the IA Institute.

Before we get there, we would like to thank you. The support we have received over the last 17...

Jan 26 2019


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Dec 18 2018

All funds will support World IA Day 2019 worldwide organizations

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