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IAI NEWS - http://iainstitute.org/news/

2011 IA Salary and Benefits Survey Released

2011 Salary Survey The IA Institute is pleased to present the 2011 IA Institute Salary and Benefits Survey. The 2011 survey was conducted from July to December 2011. Members of the IA Institute, IxDA and sigia-l were invited to participate. A total of 263 responses were collected.

Highlights of the 2011 survey include the following:

Median Salary:

- The top five ranges clustered between USD$60,000 and USD$104,999, representing 51.1% of the total. Using midpoints, the average salary was estimated to be USD$93,204. (Using midpoints is inexact, particularly since the top and bottom ranges do not have identifiable midpoints.) When excluding the top and bottom ranges, the average salary is USD$95,371, or 2.3% higher, than when these ranges are included. Median salary was USD$94,999 both when including and excluding top and bottom ranges.

Freelance Hourly Rates:

- Excluding outliers, the average freelance rate was USD$90.58 88.65, up USD$1.93 over 2010. The median rate was USD$85.00 and the modal rate was USD$90.00, with eight people indicating that rate.


-This year the gender breakdown was 52.7% female and 47.3% male respondents, nearly the same as in 2010.  Average salaries were higher for males at USD$96,227 versus USD$94,608 for females.  Median salary, on the other hand was the same for males and females (USD$94,999).


- The highest level of educational attainment for the majority of respondents is a Master's Degree (56.2%), followed by Bachelor's Degree (35.5%) and Junior College Degree (3.3%).  2.5% have a Doctorate Degree.  94.2% of respondents have at least a Bachelor's Degree. Respondents with a Master's Degree on average earn almost the same as those with Bachelor's Degrees, in fact, this year it was 0.3% less than those with Bachelor's Degrees.  While the number of respondents holding Doctorate Degrees is very low, figures indicate that they earn 31.6% more than those with Master's or Bachelor’s Degrees.

Job Title

- The highest number of respondents by Job Title was User Experience Planner/Designer/Architect (121), followed by Information Architect (56) and Interaction Designer/Architect (20).  We also received responses from 10 User Researchers, 9 Consultants and 7 Usability Engineer/Designers and 7 who indicated Other.  The rest of the titles received fewer than five responses.


- We have found that 82.7% of respondents perform Wireframing/Sitemaps/Process Flows tasks and the same number of respondents, 82.7%, perform Strategic work, while 78.4% do Audience definitions/Persona development and 76.9% perform Interaction Design tasks.  Of these tasks, 9.4% indicated that they do Wireframing/Sitemaps/Process Flows and 6.3% do Interaction Design exclusively.  And only 3.2% perform Audience definitions/Persona development and 2.0% perform Strategic work tasks exclusively.

Many more interesting results are avaialble on region, gender, educational attainment, years experience, job title, tasks, management and benefits. We also have volunteers working on data visualizations that we encourage you to review or add your own.

Read the full results of our 2011 Salary Survey:

or download the PDF:
http://iainstitute.org/documents/research/salary-survey/IA-Institute-Salary-Survey-2011.pdf (340KB)

Share Your IA Stories and Win Prizes

The IA Institute has launched its newest contest: IA Stories on Flickr. In celebration of the first-ever World IA Day. You are invited to tell a story about how you learned about information architecture. Or, show us how IA changed your life. Or, you can tell a tall tale that has a totally tenuous connection to IA, as long as you make us laugh or cry. And, since this year's event occurs in 14 cities worldwide to celebrate 14 years since publication ofInformation Architecture for the World Wide Web, writing a polar bear into your story can only help.

To enter, simply join this group, upload your entry (e.g., text, pictures, audio, and/or video) to your Flickr account, add the "iastories" tag, and then select "Add to a group" from the Actions menu above your entry. Entries must be received by February 9, 2011. Please see below to learn about our sponsors and prizes.

The Miscellaneous Award: This award of $250 is sponsored by the IA Institute. Only contest entrants are eligible for this drawing. The winner may (or may not) apply their winnings towards eradication of the miscellaneous category.

The LOLOL Award: The person who most induces "lots of laughing out loud" will win The Rosenfeld Media Library (complete set of all 8 books in paper and digital formats). This award is sponsored by Rosenfeld Media.

The Tearjerker Award: The person who makes us cry the most (or at least feel a twinge of 1990s nostalgia) wins $250. This award is co-sponsored by Semantic Studios and the Good Olde Days.

Visit IA Stories on Flickr and tell us your story today.

Meet Our World IA Day Sponsors

We are very pleased to introduce our sponsors for World Information Architecture Day 2012.

Polar Bear Level:

O'Reilly Media
O'Reilly spreads the knowledge of innovators through its technology books, online services, magazines, research, and tech conferences. Since 1978, O'Reilly has been a chronicler and catalyst of leading-edge development, homing in on the technology trends that really matter and galvanizing their adoption by amplifying "faint signals" from the alpha geeks who are creating the future. An active participant in the technology community, O'Reilly has a long history of advocacy, meme-making, and evangelism.

O'Reilly Media, our lanyard sponsor, has donated 36 copies of the Peter Morville and Lou Rosenfeld's Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, to be used for giveaways and will offer electronic versions to all attendees at our 14 official sites.

Adobe Systems

Whether it's a smartphone or tablet app, a game, a video, a digital magazine, a website, or an online experience, chances are that it was touched by Adobe technology. Our tools and services enable our customers to create groundbreaking digital content, deploy it across media and devices, and then continually measure and optimize it based on user data. By providing complete solutions that combine digital media creation with data-driven marketing, we help businesses improve their communications, strengthen their brands, and ultimately achieve greater business success.

Adobe has donated 14 copies of Creative Suite 5.5 to be distributed as prizes at each location, one copy per site.

Sun Bear Level:

Semantic Studios

Semantic Studios is an information architecture and user experience consulting firm led by Peter Morville. We help our clients around the world to create better web sites, intranets, and interactive products and services.

Rosenfeld Media

Rosenfeld Media publishes short, practical, and useful books and webinars on user experience design. Our products explain the design and research methods that web professionals need to make informed design decisions.

Kent State University

The Information Architecture and Knowledge Management (IAKM) program at Kent State University provides opportunities for study in user experience design, knowledge management, and health informatics.  Students may study through a Master of Science, graduate certificate program or individual courses as continuing study.


Collaborative Prototyping.


Balsamiq Studios aims to make the world a better place by helping people create software that is easier to use. Balsamiq Mockups helps software designers and developers build great software by letting them easily sketch out their ideas, then quickly collaborate and iterate over them.

UXPin - complex tools for UX designers. Notepads full of sticky notes for rapid paper prototyping. Wireframing App able to auto-convert paper prototypes into digital wireframes.

Community Partners:

Interaction Design Association - IxDA

The 14 locations for World IA Day 2012 on Saturday, Feb. 11 are:

Ghent, Belgium
São Paulo, Brazil
Vancouver, Canada 
Bogotá, Colombia
Paris, France 
Rome, Italy (more sites coming)
Tokyo, Japan 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Panama City, Panama
Bucharest, Romania
Johannesburg, South Africa 
Malmö, Sweden
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Note the addition of Ghent, Belgium and Bogotá, Colombia.  Sydney and Bangalore are no longer official sites. We apologize to those who were hoping to attend those locations, but encourage you to host your own celebration, using the tips posted at our website. Find out how to produce a local event.

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Local Connections. Global Impact. World IA Day 2012.
Website: http://worldiaday.org/
Twitter: @worldiaday
Email: info@worldiaday.org

Member Discount for TOGAF9 and ArchiMate Foundation

Start Dates: February 16, March 15 and April 19, 2012

Location: Distance Learning Course

Why is a TOGAF 9 and ArchiMate training important?

To ensure that TOGAF 9 and ArchiMate are fully understood and correctly applied within your organization, training is of great importance. The success of the Enterprise Architecture effort in your organization will dramatically increase when you use the instruments correctly and to the point. Subscribing for the TOGAF 9 and ArchiMate Foundation course and successfully passing the exam also result in becoming officially certified and recognized by The Open Group.

Course Objectives and Content of the TOGAF 9 and ArchiMate Foundation course

The TOGAF 9 and ArchiMate Foundation course takes you through the TOGAF 9 and ArchiMate material, using many case studies and examples to illustrate and practice TOGAF and ArchiMate. In the TOGAF 9 and ArchiMate Foundation course, best practices and examples are included, based on years of experience of applying and training the concepts of EA, TOGAF and ArchiMate in leading corporations and public authorities.

This is the course you need, to prepare for TOGAF 9 and ArchiMate Foundation. It gives you an overview of every learning objective for TOGAF 9 and ArchiMate, and in-depth coverage on preparing and taking the exam. It includes ‘Key Learning Points’ and challenging ‘Test Yourself’ questions. The TOGAF 9 and ArchiMate Foundation course provides the solid base of information you need to become TOGAF 9 Foundation (level 1) certified.

The distance learning course TOGAF 9 and ArchiMate Foundation saves you time, money and working hours and you can study where, whenever and in the pace you like. For those of you who prefer a classroom-based course, please contact us.

Sign Up!  http://www.imfacademy.com/areasofexpertise/information_technology/TOGAF_9_Foundation.php


strong>WHAT'S NEW WITH OUR PARTNERS? - http://iainstitute.org/en/about/partners.php

ASIS&T Bulletin - http://www.asis.org/bulletin.html
The Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology is a bi-monthly news magazine packed with developments and issues affecting the field, pragmatic management reports, opinion, and news of people and events in the information science community. The December/January 2012 edition is all about Knowledge Management of Social Networks.  Also see the IA column from Tom Haller, "Want to Improve Your Coordination? Attend to Patterns"

Current Issue
December/January 2012
Vol. 38, No. 2
Full Text: PDF (Size: 7.4mb)

IA Summit 2012: Experience Across Channels. Keynotes and workshops have been announced and all session proposals have been reviewed and will be announced shortly.


Boxes and Arrows - http://www.boxesandarrows.com
The definitive source for the complex task of bringing architecture and design to the digital landscape.

Are Design Patterns an Anti-pattern? In a world of limited resources, code beats pictures

by Stephen Turbek on  2012/01/26

Are design patterns actually a good thing Stephen Turbek thinks not. As a UX group manager and sponsor of design pattern exercises, he has serious questions about their utility. It’s not that design pattern libraries are bad, but that in a world of limited resources, there's a better approach: reaching outside the design group to solve the whole problem.


Interaction Design Association (IxDA) - http://www.ixda.org
The IxDA is a non-profit professional organization whose focus is promoting both the field of interaction design and the interests of an international community of practitioners, managers, educators, and students of interaction design.

Interaction12 starts this week in Dublin, February 1-4.  A big shout out to all the folks who are there! Enjoy!


Web Indexing SIG of the American Society for Indexing (ASI) - http://www.web-indexing.org/
Promoting the human indexing of Web sites and HTML documents worldwide.

Registration is open for ASI's 2012 Annual Conference, held from 19-21 April 2012 in San Diego, CA, USA at the Bahia Resort .  Visit the ASI conference website for details.  


NEW LIBRARY ADDITIONS - http://iainstitute.org/library/

The IA Library is a selection of resources related to the field of information architecture. The collection includes articles, books, blogs, translations and more. Each month, we will post the latest entries to the IA Library in this newsletter.

Due to the holidays and World IA Day planning we have not added anything to the Library this month. Please look for new entries to be announced in the next newsletter.


UPCOMING CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS - http://www.iainstitute.org/calendar/

Some sponsored events offer discounts to IA Institute members. Please read descriptions carefully for instructions on discounts, if available. Visit our Member Center website for discount code.

30 January-3 February 2012
Follow the UX Leader - Workshops on Advanced Web Practices

1-4 February 2012
Dublin, Ireland

11 February 2012
World IA Day

16 February 2012
15 March 2012
19 April 2012
TOGAF9 and ArchiMate Foundation
Distance Learning Course

17-18 February 2012
UX Hong Kong
Kowloon, Hong Kong

24-25 February 2012
Symposium on Usability, Information Design, and Information Interaction to Communicate Complex Information
Greenville, NC, USA

21-25 March 2012
IA Summit
New Orleans, LA, USA

April 18-20, 2012
UX London
London, UK

14-16 May 2012
UX-Lx: User Experience Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal

16-18 May 2012
WebVisions Portland
Portland, OR, USA

18 June 2012
Pervasive Information Architectures as Architectures of Meaning for Complex Cross-channel Systems
Newcastle, UK

To add your event to our calendar contact us at membership AT iainstitute DOT org.

IA Institute member discounts may be available for sponsored events.  Visit the Member Center for details and disount codes.


IAI JOB POSTINGS - http://www.iainstitute.org/jobboard/

The IAI Job Board lists job postings related to information architecture, as well as information design, interaction design, user experience, and HCI.

Cognitive Engineer - 1/30/12
Knowledgent Group, Cranston, RI USA

Information Architect - 1/27/12
Godfrey (Recruiter for), Lancaster PA, PA USA

Interaction Designer - 1/26/12 
Internet Brands, El Segundo, CA USA

Graphical User Interface Designer (Themes) - London - £30-55k - 1/26/12
IC Creative - Recruiter , London, GBR

Senior Graphical User Interface Designer (Themes) - London - £50-65k - 1/26/12
IC Creative - Recruiter , London, GBR

Junior UX Manager (Mid-Weight Designer) - London - to £40k GBP - 1/26/12
IC Creative - Recruiter , London, GBR

Senior Graphical User Interface (Icons) Designer - London - £50-65k - 1/26/12
IC Creative - Recruiter , London, GBR


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