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Significant Progress on the IAI Website!

imageWe are pleased to announce a significant step forward in the long-term strategy for the IAI website. That strategy stems from the realization that we can't (and moreover, shouldn't) approach the IAI site like we do the sites in our day-jobs:

* The IAI is composed of people who are experts at making websites.

* Said people are already very busy making said websites.

* However, business requires tried techniques and often non-disclosure agreements.

* Would you contribute to the IAI website if it presented a professional development opportunity without monopolizing your time?

The strategy has been to turn the IAI website itself into an asset for members to tinker with on an ongoing basis, rather than one which is delivered to members every few years. Many new techniques have been invented for the express purpose of making this possible, techniques you will have access to as an IAI member, and more comprehensively as a volunteer.

One technique is the scaffolding, which made it possible to overhaul the visual design of http://iainstitute.org/ in under 24 hours without touching any of the 13 back-end systems the IAI has accumulated over the last decade: http://stage.iainstitute.org/.

More information on this technique is available at http://doriantaylor.com/the-redesign-dissolved . More information on the strategy is here: http://stage.iainstitute.org/moving-forward-on-the-iai-website. We are committed to providing interesting challenges, that you can take back to your practice, in interaction design, content strategy, development, visual design, and of course, information architecture.

To handle this transition, we are currently assembling the IAI's Infrastructure Working Group, a standing committee to organize the IAI's content resources, the website they reside on, and the member benefits derived from it. A description of the group can be found here: http://stage.iainstitute.org/infrastructure-working-group. We can use help immediately on the following positions:

* Producer

* Alpha (interaction design) lead

* Gamma (information architecture) lead (see http://iainstitute.org/news/001358.php )

Content strategy will follow soon after, and so will development and visual design once there are more well-defined tasks in those categories. If you are interested in a summer project, or simply wish to monitor progress, please join the infrastructure list at http://lists.iainstitute.org/listinfo.cgi/infrastructure-iainstitute.org.

(The image is a Gephi rendering of nodes on the IA Institute website. Visit http://stage.iainstitute.org//iai-site-paths and view code or inspect elements to see how the nodes and edges represent content on the IAI site. Now, don't you want to be a part of this?)

Journal of Information Architecture Vol 4, Issue 1-2 Released

The long awaited Fall 2012 Issue of the Journal of Information Architecture is now available, with articles on cross-channel design, context-aware systems, information overload in the literacies and IA in contemporary television. 

Journal of Information Architecture
Issue 1-2, Vol. 4, Fall 2012
Editor in Chief — Andrea Resmini


Table of Contents

Stacy Surla
Editorial: Discipline and Resolution
pp. 1-4

Jon Fisher, Simon Norris & Elizabeth Buie
Sense-making in Cross-channel Design

Fredrik Ohlin
The Role of Information Architecture in Context-Aware Adaptive Systems

Tibor Koltay
Information Architecture, Information Overload, and the Literacies

Guglielmo Pescatore & Veronica Innocenti
Information Architecture in Contemporary Television Series

Salary Survey Set to Open in July

We will be launching our 2013 IA Salary and Benefits Survey in July If you are interested in helping out, please visit contact us at volunteer@iainstitute.org. Last year's report is available at http://iainstitute.org/en/learn/research/salary_survey.php

$10,000 Human Factors Prize on Social Media Research

The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society presents the 2013 Human Factors Prize, this year worth $10,000. There's still time to submit your human factors/ergonomics (HF/E) research on the effective and satisfying use of social media to win the 2013 Human Factors Prize. The prize recognizes excellence in HF/E research and carries a $10,000 cash award and publication of the winning paper in the journal, Human Factors. The deadline has been extended to July 15, 2013.

2013 Topic: the HF/E of social media (not the usability or design of social media technology, but effects of communication modality on comprehension of messages, ways to integrate social media into emergency response, healthcare, education fields, and the HF of computer-supported cooperative work.)

Examples of papers on this topic and more details can be found on the FAQ page: http://www.hfes.org/web/pubpages/hfprizefaq.html

Submission guidelines for members and nonmembers: https://www.hfes.org/Web/PubPages/hfauthorinfo.html

UXPA Offers IA Institute Member Discount

The IA Institute is proud to announce a strategic partnership with the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) International.  As part of our strategic partnership agreement, UXPA is offering IAI members the same rates for UXPA2013 as UXPA members. Visit the Member Center for the discount code. IAI board members Dan Klyn and Shari Thurow will be speaking at this event.

Join us July 9-12, 2013, in Washington D.C., USA for a fantastic program that came about from a collaboration between UXPA International and UXPA DC. 

Learn more and register at http://www.uxpa2013.org/.

From the Board: Officer Changes

We would like to take this time to thank Jeff Parks for his many years of outstanding service to the IA Institute and for his participation on the Board these past two years. Jeff has resigned as Secretary and from the Board of Directors, effective as of the end of May. Chris Baum was appointed unanimously to Secretary by the Board. We wish Jeff the best of luck with his endeavors and are happy to continue supporting Follow the UX Leader Workshops. Be sure to check out the Fall listings below for details.


Pledge to Strengthen the IA Institute

Our IAI Pledge campaign is ongoing. If you have not already done so, please contribute your thoughts to the IAI-Members discussion list, Facebook or LinkedIn.

We are putting our money where our mouth is to keep the IAI alive and kicking. Join us!

Read about the IA Institute pledge
Read Lou Rosenfeld's post framing the discussion

Hosting World IA Day in 2014


Save the Date: February 15th

World IA Day 2014 brings an international community of academics, practitioners, technologists and business leaders together for a global conversation about "the architecture part" of information architecture.

On February 15, 2014 you can learn from world-class IA minds, network with your peers, showcase new ideas and attend events tailored specifically to your community. We hope you’ll join us at an event near you!

This 3rd annual World IA Day is run entirely by volunteers, and funded entirely by gracious sponsors.

Visit the 2014 World IA Day website to sign-up for email notifications and to let us know if you are interested in being a WIAD organizer.


WHAT'S NEW WITH OUR PARTNERS? - http://iainstitute.org/en/about/partners.php

ASIS&T Bulletin - http://www.asis.org/bulletin.html
The Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology is a bi-monthly news magazine packed with developments and issues affecting the field, pragmatic management reports, opinion, and news of people and events in the information science community.

ASIS&T Name Change: It's official! The American Society for Information Science and Technology is now the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T).

Current Issue:

June/July 2013
Vol. 39, No. 5
Full Text: PDF (Size: 12mb)

Special Issue on Health Informatics


Boxes and Arrows - http://www.boxesandarrows.com
Boxes and Arrows is devoted to the practice, innovation, and discussion of design; including graphic design, interaction design, information architecture and the design of business. Since 2001, it’s been a peer-written journal promoting contributors who want to provoke thinking, push limits, and teach a few things along the way.

18 2013 June
In Defense of Floppy Disks: The Vocabulary of the Interface
by Lis Pardi
I work on interfaces used by college students to search for academic articles. Librarians buy these databases. Librarians happen to be wonderful clients to build products for because they always let you know what they don’t like. A few years ago, my department started hearing complaints about the “save” icon on our interface. The librarians…

11 June 2013
Researching User Experience: A Knowledge Ecology Model
by Faye Miller
When we think of learning environments, we think of books, lectures, databases perhaps. But in my recent research, I discovered that the interactions we have with people in our networks play an even more important role in what we learn and how we turn information into actionable knowledge. All of the people in my study were…


User Experience Professionals Association - http://www.uxpa.org
The User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) supports people who research, design, and evaluate the user experience of products and services.


UXPA 2013 Annual Conference: "A collaboration between UXPA International and UXPA DC" will be at the Washington Hilton July 9-12, 2013. Book your UXPA discounted sleeping room now!

Conference Registration is OPEN! Check out the online program & registration rates, or register now.


NEW LIBRARY ADDITIONS - http://iainstitute.org/library/

The IA Library is a selection of resources related to the field of information architecture. The collection includes articles, books, blogs, translations and more. Each month, we will post the latest entries to the IA Library in this newsletter.


The Discipline of Organizing
by Glushko Robert (April 2013)

Portail des Métiers de l'Internet (2013)
Government of France
Language: Français


UPCOMING CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS - http://www.iainstitute.org/calendar/

Some of our sponsored events offer discounts to IA Institute members. Please read descriptions carefully for instructions on discounts, if available. Visit our Member Center website for discount code.

27-29 June 2013
WebVisions Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

09-12 July 2013
UXPA Conference DC 2013
Washington, DC, USA

18 July 2013: Start Date
TOGAF 9.1 and ArchiMate Foundation
Distance Learning Course (8 lessons) 

26-28 September 26, 2013
Edinburgh, UK

1-4 October 2013
Follow the UX Leader
Montreal, Canada

14-16 October 2013
Velocity Conference
New York, New York

4-6 November 2013
Follow the UX Leader
Vancouver, Canada

13-15 November 2013
Velocity Conference
London, England

To add your event to our calendar contact us at membership AT iainstitute DOT org.

IA Institute member discounts may be available for sponsored events. Visit the Member Center for details and discount codes.


IA INSTITUTE JOB POSTINGS - http://www.iainstitute.org/jobboard/

The IAI Job Board lists job postings related to information architecture, as well as information design, interaction design, user experience, and HCI.

Senior level Interaction / UX Designer | Electronics UI | Permanent, MN - 6/27/13 
eXperience Talent, Minneapolis, MN USA

Mid / Snr Visual UI Designer | Toronto, Canada - 6/27/13 
eXperience Talent, Toronto, ON CAN

Senior Interaction Designer | South Bay Area - 6/27/13 
eXperience Talent, Bay Area, CA USA

Senior UX Design Researcher | Santa Clara - 6/27/13 
eXperience Talent, Bay Area, CA USA

Long-term freelance UX Designer - 6/25/13 
The Cementbloc, New York, NY USA

User Experience Director - 6/20/13 
Merkle, Minneapolis, MN USA

Sr. User Experience Designer - 6/17/13 
Move Inc, San Jose, CA USA


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