The IAC Is Now an IAI Event

The Board of the IA Institute is thrilled to announce that it has voted to assume control of IAC – the information architecture conference – beginning with the 2019 IAC in Orlando!

With this transition, the IAC will now be under the permanent oversight of the IA community’s democratically elected institution. Everything else about the 2019 IAC stays the same. Chairs Amy Marquez, Bibiana Nunes, and Adam Polansky will continue preparations for Orlando ‘19. The IAI will enter into a contract with the IAC’s event planning company Kunverj that will replace Kunverj’s contract with the IA Foundation.

Moving forward, the IAI will assume a role of assisting Chairs in activities such as venue selection, fundraising, and community relations, and will continue to hold its annual meeting at the IA Conference.

The IAI Board would like to thank Coco Chalfant, Nate Davis, and Stuart Maxwell of the IA Foundation for their help with this transition. The IAF has always believed that the IAC’s home should be with the IAI, and they are thrilled to see that come to fruition.

Speaking of membership, there’s never been a better moment to signal your support for the IA community by joining the IA Institute, renewing your IAI membership, and registering for the IA Conference. Don’t forget, your IAI membership gives you $100 off your IAC registration.

Stay tuned for further updates from the IA Institute and the IAC on your regularly scheduled social channels.

Kindest regards,

The IAI Board:

Marianne Sweeny

Amy Espinosa

Stuart Maxwell

Evgeni Minchev

Rachael Hines

Krispian Emert

Bram Wessel

Jelto Von Schuckmann 


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