IAI Announces New Membership Model, Aims to Grow Membership

As we've discussed the future of the Information Architecture Institute both on the board of directors and with our membership and the wider community in the past few months, we've heard over and over again that a larger audience is out there, and we need to find ways to be more inclusive.

Earlier in 2013, the board of directors approved a new membership model for the IAI that takes this into account.

Going forward, the IAI has 3 tiers of individual membership:

*Basic membership: FREE
*Join the IA Institute today and be part of a global community of practice.
Participate in the IAI community as an official member.
Join our mailing lists.
Receive job listings.

*Professional Membership: US$50/year
*Get all the benefits of Basic Membership, plus:
Conference and event discounts for IAI members
Preferred placement for mentoring

*Benefactor Membership: US$250/year
*Get all the benefits of Basic and Professional membership, plus:
The satisfaction of supporting a growing, global community of practice.
Recognition on the IAI website and in our annual report.

Going forward, the IAI plans to add additional trainings and other opportunities that will bring additional member benefits to the Benefactor and potentially to the Professional Membership levels.

The IAI will continue to seek and recognize individual and corporate sponsors at higher levels than the Benefactor Membership, as well.

*What do I do now?*
If you're already a member of the IAI, THANK YOU! We need your continued support. When your membership expires, we will encourage you to renew at the Professional level to continue to receive the benefits you are used to, including valuable conference discounts. But we'd be quite grateful if you can bump up to the Benefactor level, and we will still be delighted to have you as a member at the Basic level if that's what works for you at this time.

[You will see the new levels reflected on the IAI website in the next few days.]

*What's next for the IAI?*
One benefit we are hoping and planning for: A much-expanded membership. We want to be an attractive answer for both prospective members and prospective sponsors. We think an even larger IAI will help us meet the needs of both those audiences. So we'll be promoting IAI membership, and we hope you'll help us grow.

We are grateful for your membership and your support.


Laura Creekmore
IAI Board of Directors

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