Letter from our Board of Directors - December 2010

Season's Greetings from the IA Institute!

It's been a busy and fruitful year, and before we say "hello" to 2011 there are a number of Institute-backed initiatives that we'd like to provide status on:

IDEA 2010
This year's IDEA conference was convened at the Seaport Museum in Philadelphia, where 187 attendees and 21 volunteers came together to exchange insights and share perspectives for designing better architectures and experiences across physical and virtual information spaces. The format for IDEA2010 - a mix of traditional presentations with structured activity time - was new this year, and the feedback we gathered from attendees has been invaluable to the Board as it plans the next conference.

Special thanks to the myriad volunteers who lent their time and talents to make this year's IDEA a success.

Clifton Barnhart

Tim Bruns

Jenn Carvin


Carl Collins

Adam Connor

Michael Courier

Abby Covert

Meg Frisch

Holly Grigalunas

Daniel Klyn

Jonathan Knoll

Michael Leis

Jessica Leis

Brad Nunnally

Judy Philip

Denise Philipsen

Brad Simpson

Jamie Thomson

Russ Unger

Matt Ventre

Joan Vermette

Todd Zaki Warfel

Noreen Whysel

Past IAI President Russ Unger and volunteer producer Abby Covert deserve extra candy in their stockings this year and we've notified the authorities at the North Pole accordingly.

IAI Board of Directors Election
This past autumn, members were given the opportunity to nominate and then vote on candidates for the IAI Board of Directors. This election cycle was noteworthy for the unprecedented number of open seats on the board, and five new Directors were voted into office. The new Directors are: Ian Fenn, Dan Klyn (Treasurer), Jeff Parks (Secretary), Dorian Taylor and Shari Thurow. Returning Director Andrea Resmini completes the final year of a term begun in 2009 as President of the Institute.

Heartfelt thanks to outgoing Board members: Christian Crumlish, Andrew Hinton, Livia Labate, Russ Unger, Jonell Gades and Will Evans. The new Directors have been in office long enough now to understand how much these folks have given back to the Institute and to the IA community at large during their terms of service, and for this we are deeply grateful.

IA Institute's 8th Anniversary
This past November marked the 8th anniversary of the IAI. Like any 8 year old, we've still got a lot of growing-up to do, but we're delighted by the gift of another year to serve the IA community. We're also deeply grateful to the men and women whose vision for the future of our community of practice led to the creation of structures and mechanisms for sustaining it.

IA Institute's 75th Birthday Party for Richard Saul Wurman
We were honored to sponsor a birthday party (or a karaoke party, depending on when you arrived) for IA pioneer and 2010 IA Summit keynote speaker Richard Saul Wurman as part of the Institute's presence at the 2010 IA Summit in Phoenix. The souvenir frisbees emblazoned with the IAI logo and "We Heart RSW" ended up in some interesting places around the conference venue, and a number of them were shipped to Mr. Wurman at his request for use by his grandchildren.

IAI Mentoring Program
Our mentoring program remains one of the most valuable initiatives and services offered by the Institute. In 2010, 180 participants joined the program, creating an opportunity for lively activity on the local level. If you're interested in being a mentor, finding a mentor or arranging local mentoring activities, please
href="http://iainstitute.org/en/members/mentoring/mentoring_program.php">visit the mentoring program page on the IAI website.

The IAI continues to partner with related organizations and adjacent disciplines, and many of these partnerships include benefits for IAI members. These include discounted conference admission for the IA Summit, the IxDA Interactions Conference and EuroIA, publishers Peachpit Press and Rosenfeld Media, as well as ongoing product discounts from Optimal Workshop, AIIM Online Workshops and Justinmind.

Stay Connected
As we embark on a 9th year of operations at the Institute, we recognize the importance of building and sustaining connections with each other. The IAI Email list, Twitter stream, Facebook Page, and LinkedIn group are just a few of the avenues for information and conversation with your fellow members and with IAI staff and Board members.

Speak Now
The Information Architecture Institute is uniquely situated to connect the legacy of our community and its professional future. We'd love to hear from you: What do you need? What do you want? How can you help? How can you be helped? Understanding our collective needs is essential for continuing the work of building an organization that is relevant, rewarding and sustainable.

The Institute exists to provide infrastructure and build bridges across and beyond our community. Use those assets; tell the Institute what you need that isn't there today. Let's ensure the energy and resources from the Institute are used towards the things that really matter to you.

Recognizing Our Kind Sponsors
The IA Institute provides informative programs like the annual IDEA Conference as well as member perks and programs, like the IA Progress Grant, mentoring, job board, salary survey and other occasional contests, research and promotions. Infrastructure, staffing and logistics represent a significant expenditure to ensure smooth sailing. Please keep us in mind if you would like to sponsor an activity in 2011.

We give our thanks to the following companies who generously sponsored the Explain IA Contest and IDEA 2010:

IDEA Sponsors:





Rosenfeld Media

New Riders

Morgan Kaufman



Explain IA Sponsors:



Semantic Studios

User Interface Engineering


Rosenfeld Media


O'Reilly Media

We Would be Nothing Without Our Volunteers
Last but certainly not least, we thank our Volunteers, without whom we could not provide the resources, services and community that we have today. Just for fun, we created a tag cloud representing all of our volunteers who joined or actively participated in our events and ongoing global intiatives in 2010, including board service, mentoring, web design, translations, job board and IDEA. The font size is relative to the number of initiatives a person worked on. We hope we didn't miss anyone but if we did, please accept our apologies. Thanks also to all the local group leaders keeping meetups, book clubs and show and tell activities going for those interested in networking and learning new skills.


Annual Meeting at IA Summit in Denver
The IA Institute Board is eager to report on the state of the organization; its vision, its finances and the goals that it is pursuing and devoting resources toward. Please join us for a presentation of the State of the IAI at the 2011 IA Summit in Denver. Exact date, time and venue will be announced in January.

Happy Holidays, and best wishes for 2011!

Your IAI Board of Directors

Andrea Resmini, President
Jeff Parks, Secretary
Dan Klyn, Treasurer
Ian Fenn
Dorian Taylor
Shari Thurow

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