Meet the Candidates

We are more than thrilled to introduce you to three candidates for the 2015-17 Information Architecture Institute Board of Directors.

Director of Operations (Acting Treasurer)
Samuel Bowles

Director of Communications (Acting Secretary)
Lara Fedoroff

Director of Education
David Robins

Each candidate has submitted a positioning statement below. To submit a vote you must be a paying member of the IAI as of March 16th, 2015. You will receive an email with instructions.

Samuel Bowles:

Running for Director of Operations

"I am humbled and honored to accept my nomination to the Information Architecture Institute's board as Director of Operations. Over the first sixteen years of my career I never considered myself a "business person" much less someone skilled in "operations". During those years I would have described myself as a designer, interaction designer, or information architect. It has only been in the past two years, as my role at work has shifted, that I have have begun to recognize myself in these terms.

What we call things is important. What we call ourselves may be more important. While I'm still uncomfortable with the labels that come with the work I find myself doing, I have recognized a pattern: I find myself frequently falling back into entrepreneurship of one sort or another. Whether I am running my own consultancy, helping found an international N.G.O., kick-starting a professional association in my hometown, or co-chairing a conferenceƑI enjoy designing things that bring people together.

I am excited to be considered a candidate to join the board in designing the future of the IAI. I would like to see the organization thrive by growing its membership, funding, and influence in the business community at large. I believe all of these are well within our reach and I hope the IAI community will provide me to the opportunity to serve in reaching those goals."

Lara Federoff:

Running for Director of Communications

"With the experience of leading World Information Architecture Day, I feel that I could positively contribute to the role of IAI Director of Communications. There is a great potential to consistently contribute to several communication channels (social media, events, email, etc.) within the IAI community to:

  • Build Information Architecture (IA) awareness with individuals, companies and organizations within and outside of the IA discipline
  • Create interest to encourage more people to attend events and promote awareness of the IAI to the greater professional community
  • Create and/or build an IA Community in local cities
  • Showcase the content and best practices of IA professionals
  • Help people understand the value of IA - IA as a discipline/expertise that these businesses can leverage to help their customers better navigate, search and collaborate while working and playing in the shared digital/information spaces of the company.
  • Promote sponsors by communicating their service/product value and extending the reach of their brand
  • Create continuity between Information Architecture Institute (IAI) and WIAD
  • Create more conversations within the IA community

Communicating a shared vision from the IAI Board to leaders across the world will help us to achieve these goals.

Thank you for your consideration."

David Robins:

Running for Director of Education

"I have been a faculty member in higher education for almost 20 years. I was educated in the field of Library and Information Sciences (M.S.), with a Ph.D. in an interdisciplinary Information Science program at the University of North Texas.

I began teaching Information Architecture in 2000 at the University of Pittsburgh. In 2004, I was recruited by Kent State University to teach in their new Information Architecture and Knowledge Management (IAKM) Program.

Since then, I have had the privilege of shaping one of the first programs that focuses on Information Architecture and User Experience Design. Over the past ten years, and three major curriculum changes, and a move to online education, I am now directing the User Experience Design concentration in the IAKM program.

I am proud of our online program. We have worked hard to build one based on quality and a high degree of student interaction. We have used the same design processes and techniques to design and build the program as those we teach. What I am most proud of, however, is that the vast majority of our former students are working in the field.

My latest research is centered on effective design and pedagogical techniques for online courses and curricula. I have recently given presentations on these topics: World IA Day 2014 in New York City, the Semantic Web Meetup in New York City, NY (January, 2015), and a recent keynote in the first User Experience conference in Denmark (Customer Experience 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark).

All of these activities have allowed me the opportunity to think deeply about, and to implement, education for IAs and UXDs. I have worked with colleagues to develop models for education, and our curriculum is based on these models. I have worked with Instructional Designers to produce meaningful courses. I work with our instructors to develop their teaching skills. I will bring this experience and knowledge to this position.

My experience in Library and Information Science, and higher education give me a solid background for Director of Education. My experience and involvement in the profession qualifies me to help rebuild the IAI library with the Director of Strategic Planning, better use of volunteers, teaching IA, and the various other duties as Director of Education.

I look forward to the honor of serving on the IAI board, if elected."

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