Member Satisfaction Survey Results

The IAI Member Satisfaction Survey results are open and available to all.

Survey Results

Things that we found interesting:

  • While we knew that the Discussion List and Job Board were importantand valuable, the degree of importance and value for the IA Libraryand Tools caught us off-guard. This has become a priority for the Board.
  • We are seriously reconsidering how we're approaching the Translation and Research initiatives.

We are beginning to sift through the free-text responses to understand trends in responses, but some things that are clear are:

  • The Institute is valuable for networking, the job board, and the discussion list
  • That local events are being given their due
  • That the IAI website frustrates many people (we are working on it!)
  • That the organization needs to be more transparent and communicative to its members
  • That members are, by and large, satisfied with the Institute, the problems notwithstanding

We're making the results public in part so that people know how others feel, and also in case there are any enterprising souls who want to do some more rigorous analysis of the data (or make suggestions for how to structure this survey better.) If you would like to comment or volunteer, contact us at info AT iainstitute DOTorg.

Thanks to all who participated in the survey.

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