New Membership Pricing System

November 4, 2003 -- The Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture (AIfIA) has introduced a new three-tiered pricing system that will offer members from developing countries substantially lower membership rates. This change will help AIfIA meet its goal of promoting information architecture (IA) around the world.

(An AIfIA membership is still $40 per year for residents of developed countries--one of the best rates around for a professional association.)

The new pricing system divides countries into three groups based on the World Bank's country classification system. AIfIA's three classes of memberships--Professional, Student and Group--have all been adjusted to reflect the economic differences of the country groups. Student members have been substantially discounted across the board.

The costs of professional and student memberships for the three AIfIA country groups are shown here:


Professional Membership

Student Membership

Country Group A
(e.g. India)



Country Group B
(e.g. Mexico)



Country Group C
(e.g. United States)



(View a complete list of the country groups)

"Our new pricing model makes AIfIA membership much more accessible to students and people in developing countries. It promotes the development of a global information architecture network, which is great for the IA community as a whole," said Livia Labate, an AIfIA board member living in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

For more details on the new pricing scheme, or to join AIfIA, visit

Gene Smith

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