REG-IA Launches IA Education Survey

The Research & Education Group in IA is conducting a Survey on IA in Higher Education aimed at understanding the current status of Information Architecture (IA) in Higher Education. If you are a teacher and/or researcher in Higher Education Institutions and Universities, please take 15 minutes to fill out our survey. The survey is online at:

The results will be made public through the Information Architecture Institute website [] and the REG-iA website [] and will constitute a founding part of a proposal for an IA curriculum framework in Higher Education.

Thank you for your help.

Andrea Resmini
On behalf of REG-iA, the Research & Education Group in IA

About REG-IA

The REG-IA (Research and Education Group in Information Architecture) is an international volunteer initiative of the Information Architecture Institute ( Started in January 2008, it currently comprises academics from Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Poland and Norway.

The basic premise behind the group is that although IA is a well-established profession and a thriving community of practice, it is not yet a fully recognized academic discipline and it is not, with a few notable exceptions, an acknowledged course of study in most of the EU. That situation means very little communication among institutions, no common perspective(s), no shared understanding(s) and a constant need to reinvent the wheel.

Even though this scenario seems to be slowly changing, we think a little help and perspective is needed to avoid loss of momentum and fragmentation, and the group believes this help and perspective are the responsibility of the people currently researching, teaching and practicing IA. As such, the group's main purpose is to provide the basis to establish IA as a full-fledged academic discipline and bridge the two camps of professional practice and academia for the common good, as we believe they are both equally needed for the field to grow and mature.

Key REG-IA volunteers:

Andrea Resmini is on the Board of Advisors of the Information Architecture, Institute, chairs the Italian Information Architecture Summit, is a founding member of the European IA Network, and coordinates REG-IA, the Research and Education Group in Information Architecture. He can be reached at root[at]resmini[dot]net.

Dr. Katriina Bystršm is an associate professor at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University of BorŒs, Sweden. She chairs a joint program between business informatics and library and information science at the University of BorŒs. She can be reaced at katriina.bistro[at]hb[dot]se.

Dr. Dorte Madsen is an associate professor and program director at Copenhagen Business School, where she teaches IA. She will be serving as the Journal of Information Architecture's first Editor-in-Chief. She can be reached at dm.inf[at]cbs[dot]dk.

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