Share your IA Stories and Win Prizes

The IA Institute has launched its newest contest: IA Stories on Flickr IA Stories. In celebration of the first-ever World IA Day. You are invited to tell a story about how you learned about information architecture. Or, show us how IA changed your life. Or, you can tell a tall tale that has a totally tenuous connection to IA, as long as you make us laugh or cry. And, since this year's event occurs in 14 cities worldwide to celebrate 14 years since publication of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, writing a polar bear into your story can only help.

To enter, simply join this group, upload your entry (e.g., text, pictures, audio, and/or video) to your Flickr account, add the "iastories" tag, and then select "Add to a group" from the Actions menu above your entry. Entries must be received by February 9, 2011. Please see below to learn about our sponsors and prizes.

The Miscellaneous Award
This award of $250 is sponsored by the IA Institute. Only contest entrants are eligible for this drawing. The winner may (or may not) apply their winnings towards eradication of the miscellaneous category.

Information Architecture Institute

The LOLOL Award
The person who most induces "lots of laughing out loud" will win The Rosenfeld Media Library (complete set of all 8 books in paper and digital formats). This award is sponsored by Rosenfeld Media.

Rosenfeld Media

The Tearjerker Award
The person who makes us cry the most (or at least feel a twinge of 1990s nostalgia) wins $250. This award is co-sponsored by Semantic Studios and the Good Olde Days.

Semantic Studios


Our goals are to share stories, have fun, and raise awareness of World IA Day. Anyone can enter the contest and participate in the discussion. So, please spread the word!

The Miscellaneous Award will be chosen by a special drawing (random raffle) at the contest's end. The LOLOL and Tearjerker Awards will be decided by a vote of our panel of judges (Peter Morville, Dan Klyn, Keith Instone). Our judges will consider popularity (e.g., views, comments) when evaluating entries. So, it's in your best interest to enter early and invite people to visit and discuss your entry.

Each individual may submit up to (3) entries but will only be counted once in the special drawing. Sponsors (and IA Institute board members) may submit entries but are not eligible to win.

Flickr will serve as the primary platform for entries. This will allow for multiple formats (text, image, short video) as well as rough statistics and public commentary. Entries may also be hosted offsite (e.g., YouTube) but you must create a placeholder page on Flickr with a link to your entry. If you do not have a Flickr account, you can setup an account for free, or you may contact us to make alternate arrangements.

The contest will run from January 9 through February 9, and we'll announce the winners on World IA Day.
We're hoping you'll join us in making 2012 a great year for information architecture! Visit IA Stories on Flickr to enter.


Peter Morville (on behalf of the IA Institute)

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