UX Week September 15th

A message from Adaptive Path about upcoming UX Week and IAI members discount. Promo codes are available at IAI Member Center http://signin.iainstitute.org/ under Member Discounts tab.


Each day at UX Week 2009 is a gem unto itself, and if you cannot join us for the whole affair, you can now sign up for single days. Take advantage of our early bird pricing until August 31st. Use your IAI code for a 20% discount.

UX Week's first three days feature informative and inspirational presentations in the morning with leading thinkers and doers likeÉ

Scott McCloud, comics artist and theorist
Dr. Temple Grandin, animal facilities designer, speaker and writer on living with autism
Sarah Jones, Tony-award winning playwright and prefomer
Genevieve Bell, anthropologist and director of user experience at Intel
Matias Duarte, director of user experience at Palm

Éand in the afternoon we offer activities-based workshops spanning a range of subject matter and taught by practice leaders such as

Kristina Halvorson on content strategy
Mike Migurski and Tom Carden from Stamen on information visualization
Nathan Moody and Darren David from Stimulant on large-scale multitouch and fleet of Adaptive Path team members on sketching, prototyping, strategy, mobile design, collaboration and more

With Day 4 of UX Week we're trying something quite different. There are no workshops, and the content is explicit forward-looking, addressing the role of user experience design in larger contexts Ñ physical computing, video games, immersive media, emerging markets, design for community, and implications this has on the future practice of user experience. I'll talk about this more in a later post, but what I want to highlight here is we've priced Day 4 at $300 less than the other three days. We've done this to encourage more of the community to take part in this conversation.

Don't forget to use your IAI code for 20% savings on any Adaptive Path event.

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