Information Architecture Resource Library

100+ volunteers are hard at work preparing our Resource Library for the future (but you can use it right now).

Local Groups

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We’re currently in the process of migrating our library to the new Drupal system, but in the meantime we’ve made the content available via Google Documents.

Resource Library

Our library is the largest expertly-curated, information architecture-specific library in the world, including articles, tools, templates, podcasts, and a full listing of all the books one could ever need to get to the next level of their IA practice.

The Journal of IA

The Journal of Information Architecture is an international peer-reviewed scholarly journal. Its aim is to facilitate the systematic development of the scientific body of knowledge in the field of information architecture.

Schools Teaching IA

Many colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations offer courses in information architecture. This lists grows every year, explore the list we have gathered so far.

IA Lexicon

We have gathered the terms and concepts that are critical for those practicing IA to understand. These terms are being developed by our library volunteers as a controlled vocabulary for how resources in the library will be tagged.

We Need Library Volunteers!

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