The Work of the Information Architecture Institute

We want to make the world a clearer place to live and work. To achieve this mission, our programs and initiatives are focused on:

World IA Day

Every year, we give our members the opportunity to bring a one-day IA conference to their hometown. Our global team helps them do everything from find volunteers and speakers to connect with sponsors and vendors.

Mentor Matching

One of the benefits of being a paid member of the IAI is access to our mentorship directory. Our mentors are experienced practitioners in the IA community who donate their time to answer the questions of newcomers and those looking to get to the next level of their career.

Salary & Skills Research

Every year we design a series of community surveys that provide critical information about the value of IA in the job market. Our members find this information invaluable in negotiating their salaries and asking for the right job titles to reflect the skill sets and value they bring to their organizations.

Join the IAI

"Great ideas need great champions. Information Architecture is what our data soaked world desperately needs. The IAI is the place where that mission becomes a reality." - Christina Wodtke